Systems Programmer

If you’re someone who has the innate ability to easily address new problems, examine and deliver excellent shipping code, and rapidly work through solutions for new tools for content creation, you might be a great fit. You may be handling streaming and memory management one month and console optimization the next. If this all sounds up your alley, come join us!

Your Role

  • Make tools and systems to help designers do their job - agility to support our content needs is vital to keep us working with as few constraints as possible

  • Create new features within the engine - we have some unique aspects to our game that often require unique solutions to employ with finesse

  • Communicating and collaborating - we often have deep-dive conversations about design and pipeline, working together for solutions. A healthy dose of respect towards others and a desire to listen goes a long way towards our goals

  • Work with other engineers to develop and maintain core game architecture and team process


  • Excellent C++ skills and knowledge

  • Excellent 3d math skills

  • Highly flexible and responsive to new scenarios, software and possibilities

  • Some previously shipped titles under your belt - preferably both personal and professionally

  • A love for games - we talk about them all day long, so it’s important to be able to collaborate and understand references to other successful systems

  • Excellent organization skills in code

  • Able to propose necessary features and appropriately estimate workload

  • Experience with modern platforms - consoles and PC


  • Comfort and experience with Unreal 4

  • Experience managing license servers, Perforce, Jenkins and computer networks.

  • Experience with build engineering through development through shipment covering a broad range of tasks from console requirements to performance and optimization.

  • Experience with Achievement/Trophy programming, save game data & progression implementation.

To apply

Send your application to with the title "Systems Programmer".

Please include specific skills you would bring to a new project, as well as any links to current and/or past projects and your resume.